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Personal Statement

Russell’s roots run deep in Washington County. Four generations to be exact. Born in Fayetteville and having attended school in Fayetteville, Farmington and Springdale; Washington County is more than his home, it’s his heritage. Russell and his family enjoy a wonderful life here. Even with all the economic growth you still experience a small town with a close community atmosphere.  Having benefited from this his whole life, he wants to serve our community for the good of everyone and give back to people who have made his life so good.

Duties of the Assessor

The assessor is responsible for valuing all the property in Washington County. These values are part of the funding formula that generates revenue to support our public schools, roads, emergency services and other government departments.

  • Assesses property values, including real property and personal property
  • Maintain property records
  • Create and maintain parcel maps
  • Provide free property search program for the public
  • Perform various administrative duties related to property valuation

Experience & Certifications

Before running for office, Russell owned a small business. The experience gained from being a business owner is invaluable. One of the first things you learn is budgeting. Financial management skills are a must, but that’s not the only responsibility. Time management and personnel management are a must for any organization.  As a business owner you have to understand resources come in different forms. Being organized, learning to prioritize and working with people efficiently are just as important as the bottom line. The skills he learned enable him to serve the people of Washington with insight and a sense of responsibility.

Russell has completed all the classes to receive the highest certification in the assessment administration track recognized by the State of Arkansas. They include courses A,B,C, IAAO course 101 Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal, IAAO course 300 Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal, IAAO  course 400 Assessment Administration, IAAO course 500 Assessment of Personal Property and Marshall & Swift Commercial Cost Workshop.

Personal Information

Happily married to his wife Melanie, together they have five children. Hayden, Callie, Coleman, Halle, Cara and their rescue dog Penny. When he isn’t attending his children’s band, choir, dance, or sporting events he and Melanie enjoy taking in the beauty of Washington County while riding his motorcycle or hiking outdoors.

Community Service

A call to serve has been the theme throughout Russell’s life. Whether serving his country while in the Navy or his community coaching middle school sports or the church doing local service projects and mission trips around the world. His strong belief in serving others is what motivated him to first run for public office and continues to be the driving force while serving as your county assessor.