Select Washington County Facilities Are Closed To The Public.

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Veteran Services Offices 

There is a Veteran Services Officer in every county. Here are some for our surrounding counties:

Resources in Washington County

Education Benefits

Contact Phone Number
University of Arkansas – Veterans Resource and Information Center (479) 575-8742
Dianna Portillo - Northwest Arkansas Community College (479) 619-2276

Employment Services

Contact Phone Number
Sharon Hopper - ADVA (479) 587-3075

Vocational Rehabilitation

Contact Phone Number
Brian Burgess (479) 575-8731

Medical Services

Contact Phone Number
VA Medical Center - Fayetteville (479) 443-4301

PTSD and Mental Health Support Resources

Contact Phone Number
Veterans Crisis Line (800) 273-8255
Fayetteville Vet Center (479) 582-7152

VA Home Loans

Contact Phone Number
Contact your Home Loan Provider  
Or Call the Regional Loan Center for General Questions (800) 827-0611

Life Insurance

Contact Phone Number
Veterans Group Life Insurance (800) 419-1473


Contact Phone Number
Bentonville Armed Resource Center (501) 212-7421

Homelessness Resources

Contact Phone Number
Kelly Kirby - VA Homelessness Programs (479) 443-4301

State Nursing Facility

Contact Phone Number
State Veterans Home - Fayetteville (479) 444-7001

General Support

Contact Phone Number
Barbara Aguirre - Operation Reboot (479) 202-5801
Don England - Veterans Helping Veterans (479) 966-2040
Unmet Needs Grant - Veterans of Foreign Wars (866) 789-6333
Presidential Conversions (479) 521-8433
The Mesothelioma Center (800) 615-2270