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What does the Treasurer do?

The Washington County Treasurer is the disbursement officer of the county. Duties include:

  • Receiving revenue from local, state and federal agencies
  • Distributing money to Washington County taxing entities
  • Accurate accounting of all receipts and disbursements
  • Securing county funds that are above FDIC limits
  • Investing county funds
  • Preparing and signing checks for employees and creditors of the county
  • Reconciling bank statements monthly to ensure balance accuracy
  • Projecting revenue for upcoming year during annual budget process
  • Presenting monthly financial reports to the Quorum Court on the county's fiscal condition

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Where do my tax dollars go?

While property taxes vary slightly depending on where you live in the county, around 80¢ for every dollar you pay goes to schools. The rest goes to roads, libraries, public safety, and other local government services.

Approximate Property Tax Distribution

Approximate Property Tax Distribution

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