Sheriffs 1908 - 1940

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Herbert Lewis: 1937 - 1940 
 Herbert Lewis
  • On 7-11-1938, Dr. T.E. Gray, a well-known Winslow doctor, was killed by a 16 year old. The 16 year old was given life imprisonment. While in prison he was killed in a fight with another inmate.
  • From Fayetteville, and was appointed to finish Sheriff Gover's second term.
  • When Gover went to prison, the Governor appointed Lewis as Sheriff. Mrs. Fulbright helped to clean up the crooked politics in Washington County and she influenced the Governor to select Lewis.
  • Lewis was working at the Lewis Brother's Hardware Store, currently where the Bank of Fayetteville is located on the square.
  • The Sheriff's Office had one car, a 1935 Dodge 4-Door. One day when the Sheriff was at home eating, a male stole the car and ended up crashing it in some curves in Springdale. The man was arrested and Lewis went and picked up the car. The Sheriff's car was an unmarked car, and the thief didn't know it was a police car at the time he stole it.
  • Chief Deputy Arthur Davidson lived at the jail. It was customary for the Sheriff to live there but he lived at 327 N. Washington so the Chief Deputy lived there.
  • The Sheriff's Office made most of their money by feeding prisoners, which they got $1 a day. They also received money for mileage for transporting prisoners.
  • In 1938, Lewis campaigned against a Republican and it was a heated race. The republican was very popular in this area. His name is unknown.
  • Lewis retired and became President of 1st National Bank of Fayetteville.
Harley Gover: 1933 - 1936
 Harley Glover
  • In 1933, Clyde Barrow robbed the Brown's Grocery Store on Lafayette Street in Fayetteville. Clyde got into a car that occupied 2 members of his gang. During their getaway they ran into a police roadblock on U.S. 71 in Alma. A police officer was killed in the shootout.
  • In 1934, McIlroy Bank was robbed of $6,000 dollars; banks in Elkins, Winslow, West Fork, Prairie Grove, Lincoln, Cane Hill, and Springdale were also robbed.
  • The "Feds" raided a still in the mountains close to here and marked it. It was stored at the jail. One year later, the "Feds" found the still in operation again and arrested Gover. He was sent to prison and Lewis took over as Sheriff on 02-14-36.
Henry B. Walker: 1927 - 1932
 Henry Walker
  • From Fayetteville area and served 3 terms.
  • One deputy was a Harley Gover who later became Sheriff.
  • On 4-1-1932, the Farmers and Merchant Bank was robbed and everyone found it hard to believe the bank personnel. They thought the employees were trying to pull an April fool's joke. It even took them a long time to convince Sheriff Walker that it was a real bank robbery. The bank employee found out that the gun in the vault was taken, so he looked up the paperwork and wrote down the serial number and gave it to the Sheriff. Eventually a bank in Alma was robbed, and the Sheriff in Van Buren compared notes with the information Sheriff Walker gave them. Officers contacted a youth that was known to hang around the suspect and when they searched his room they found the gun. They took him back to the bank in Prairie Grove and the employee identified him. He then cooperated and gave up the second suspect who was on his way back to Arkansas. They planned a stakeout and when the suspect stopped his car and got out he brandished an automatic pistol and was shot and killed by officers. His 2 young accomplices were tried and sentenced from 3 to 10 years in prison.
  • In 1931, a Springdale bank robbed of $4,000 and a $1,750 reward was offered for the arrest of 3 men.
Samuel Houston Guinn: 1925 - 1926
Samual Guinn
  • On 10-23-1925, Deputy Lem Guinn killed 29-year-old Arthur Walker. He was killed just north of Spring Valley for refusing to surrender and making an attempt to draw a 32 Colt at a moonshine still
  • Lem Guinn is the son of Sheriff Sam Guinn.
  • In 1924, the Prairie Grove bank was robbed of $3,550.
Wallace H. Johnson: 1923 - 1925
Wallace Johnson
  • Born in Fayetteville on 11-01-1889 and Died on 09-15-1960. He is buried at Son's Chapel Cemetery.
  • In 1924, 2 men robbed the First National Bank in Prairie Grove. Sheriff Johnson rounded up men to block roads leading from the town. The 2 men made their way to the Illinois River were they shot at the Constable and Postal Inspector. Near Strickler, a local Deputy Sheriff spotted the men coming out of the woods and ordered them to halt. One of the bandits shot him in the chest, but it didn't kill him. Days later the bank employees attended a rodeo at the suggestion of an Oklahoma Sheriff and they spotted the suspect. The suspect was arrested along with the second suspect in the robbery and they both received terms in the state penitentiary.
  • Johnson was the grandson of Dr. P.A. Johnson, one of the pioneer settlers of Son's Chapel Community.
Samuel Houston Guinn: 1921 - 1923
Samuel Guinn
  • Guinn was born on December 25, 1857 and died in 1942.
  • From the Winslow area.
  • In 1873, Guinn started his law enforcement career at age 16.
  • He moved from Winslow to Fayetteville in 1914 and served as the Chief Deputy under 3 Sheriff's, then was elected Sheriff for 2 terms.
Homer Everett Jackson: 1919 - 1921
Homer Jackson
  • Sheriff Homer Jackson carried 2 heavy pearl handled pistols.
  • He broke the 2-term tradition existing for many years and served for 3 years.
  • The legislature divided the office of Sheriff and Tax Collector, and made it into two separate offices. He was the first collector of the county and later served as County Clerk, then as County Judge.
  • In 1920, Mr. A.N. Cole's wife and daughter were fatally shot by the daughter's estranged husband who also shot and killed himself.
R. Mack Morton: 1914 - 1919
R Mack Morton
  • From Walnut Grove.
  • In 1917, the Bank of Cane Hill was robbed of $2,000 Dollars. The posse trailed the 2 men, but lost them in the hills of Oklahoma.
  • In 1919, the Bank of Lincoln was robbed of $35,000 dollars worth of liberty bonds and war savings. There was no trace of a clue to the robbers, and a $1,000 reward was offered for their arrest.
  • March 15, 1918, the Bank of Winslow was held up, one bag of money was taken that they thought to be the mother load of gold. In fact they took 2,500 pennies. Sheriff Morton couldn't arrive for some time, so local Deputy Sam Guinn went. The robbers were never found.
Samuel W. Caudle: 1910 - 1914
Sam Caudle
  • In 1913, Omer Davis, 19 years of age, was hanged for the murder of Nellie Moneyhun, a teacher from Spring Valley.
  • Deputies Holcomb and Jackson were in charged of making sure the equipment was in working order.
  • Deputy Robert Curtis assisted Sheriff Caudle when he was pulling the trap on Omer Davis who was killed from a broken neck.
  • The newspaper complimented the sheriff's force and the manner of the hanging and the way that it was conducted.
  • This was the last legal hanging in the State of Arkansas.
Jim C. Reed: 1908 - 1910
  • Died on 10-02-1929.
  • A republican, who was elected to 1 term.
  • He was the father of the late Jack Reed of Fayetteville.
  • No other information available at this time.


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