Detention Center FAQs

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  • What job opportunities are currently available?

  • How can I put money on a detainee's commissary account?

  • What is the phone number for commissary?

  • How do I send a detainee a letter?

  • Can I mail packages or books to a detainee?

  • Can I send envelopes, paper or stamps through the mail?

  • How do I call the Detention Center?

  • Can I call to talk to a detainee?

  • I cannot accept collect calls, how can a detainee call me?

  • Will you give a detainee a message or phone number for me?

  • How can I block my phone from a detainee calling, and how can I have my number unblocked if it was needed?

  • How can I visit a detainee?

  • How soon can I see the detainee?

  • How many people can visit at the same time?

  • How do I get to the Sheriff's Office/Detention Center?

  • I need some information on someone who was in jail but has been released, who do I need to contact?

  • What can I bring to the detainee?

  • When do you fingerprint for the public?

  • How much does it cost to be fingerprinted?

  • How late is the Detention Center open?

  • Does an immigration detainee have a bond?

  • When will a detainee be transported to prison or by Immigration?

  • Where do I find a bondsman?

  • What is a detainee's bond amount, charges, or court date/time?

  • Can I pick up a detainees property?

  • If I turn myself in for a warrant or commitment how long will it take to be processed?