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What does the Road Department do? 

The Road department maintains Washington County's roads to ensure the safest possible travel conditions, while keeping costs low. Services include:

  • Chip and seal / Asphalt overlay
  • Crack sealing
  • Gravel road grading and maintenance
  • Patching pot holes
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Storm clean up (downed branches and other debris)
  • Right-of-way maintenance, including brush-hogging

As one of the largest county road systems in Arkansas, we maintain over 400 miles of paved roads and over 500 miles of gravel roads.

Which roads are maintained by the state highway department?

Washington County does not maintain all roads within county limits. The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) maintains state highways, interstates, and access roads. For questions or concerns regarding areas maintained by the State of Arkansas, contact the local AHTD office by phone at (479) 251-8418.

State-maintained roadways include:

  • Interstate 49
  • US Route 412
  • Highway 16
  • Highway 45
  • Highway 59
  • Highway 62
  • Highway 71
  • Highway 74
  • Highway 112
  • Highway 156
  • Highway 170
  • Highway 180
  • Highway 244
  • Highway 265
  • Highway 303

Current AHTD Job Status in Washington County

AHTD Washington County Job Status