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What does the Prosecuting Attorney do?

The Prosecuting Attorney's office is responsible for all criminal prosecution of state crimes in Washington and Madison counties.

  • Felony, juvenile, and district court

    Each year the office is responsible for approximately 3000 new felony cases originated by local law enforcement agencies, 2000 juvenile cases, several thousand complaints filed by private citizens, and all misdemeanors committed outside the corporate limits of the cities.

  • Mental commitments

    We have the sole responsibility for committing mentally ill people to the Arkansas State Hospital, 911 Adjustments (changing the status of released mentally ill people in our community), and for extraditing defendants from other states.

    For information on mental commitments, please call (479) 444-1570.

  • Subpoenas & investigations

    Because the office has the same power as a Grand Jury to issue subpoenas, it also assists law enforcement agencies and conducts its own investigations of criminal activity when appropriate.

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What happens if I get arrested?


If you are arrested, you will be detained in jail on bond, or you will be released. Either way, you will be provided a court date, also known as an arraignment. At the arraignment, you will be assigned a Public Defender if necessary, and you will enter a plea of "guilty" or "not guilty." A plea of "not guilty" leads to a trial, and the judge will set a trial date.

Hearings & Trial

Prior to the trial date, the prosecutor and your attorney will have hearings with the judge to discuss your case. Most cases are resolved before the trial with a plea agreement between you, the attorneys, and the judge.

How do I file a protection order?

You may be eligible for an Order of Protection if you believe you are in immediate danger of physical violence from a current or former household member.

To file a petition for an Order of Protection, you will need to go to the Circuit Clerk's office:

Washington County Circuit Clerk
280 N College Ave, Ste 302
Fayetteville, AR 72701

You must provide the offender's correct date of birth and an address where they can be served the protection order. Deputies will not search for your offender beyond the details you provide.

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