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5 Goals Adopted by the PARA Task Force

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Adopted on September 14, 2005, As Revised

Goal 1: Protect Agricultural and Rural Areas, and Water Resources

Identify agricultural and rural areas, including water resources and environmentally sensitive areas, needing protection and protect them from adverse effects of conflicting developmental uses.

Goal 2: Guide County Growth

Encourage development where and when adequate infrastructure can be reasonably and economically supplied in a timely and reliable manner.

Goal 3: Provide Reliable, Quality Governmental Services

Provide adequate and reliable services (water, emergency services, solid and liquid waste) to the residents of Washington County.

Goal 4: Provide and Enforce Uniform Development Codes Among Jurisdictions

Establish, implement and enforce, to the extent possible, uniform development codes (fire, building, planning, health and safety) among jurisdictions and municipalities in Washington County and enforce and implement new codes or statutes related to Goal 1.

Goal 5: Establish Land Use Plan Stressing Use Compatibility

Develop a land use plan consistent with other jurisdictions that:

  • stresses uniformity in uses;
  • resolves conflicts among competing uses;
  • minimizes the adverse affects of “rurbanized” sprawl and
  • ensures adequate protection of uses in areas of transition between rural/urban or other areas of differing development intensities.