What does Planning do?

The Planning office facilitates all development of areas outside the city limits in Washington County, including:

  • Lot splits
  • Lot line adjustments
  • Subdivisions
  • Large Scale Developments
  • Communication towers and antennas
  • Floodplain Development
  • Zoning

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What permits do I need for developing a Large Scale Development or Subdivisions?

  • Where do I find the project submittal and meeting schedule?

  • How do I research property ownership?

  • What permits do I need to have a business on my property?

  • What is the zoning for my property?

  • How do I get an address for my property?

  • What permits do I need to build a house in the County?

  • How can I split my property?