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JobTypeApplication DeadlineSalary
911 Communications Specialist (2591923)Full Time01/28/2020 12:55 PM14.71 / HR
Adult Detention Officer (2581955)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$14.11 / Hr
Buildings Maintenance Technician (2541343)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$14.11 / Hr
Deputy Public Defender (2576430)Full TimeOpen Until Filled51,292.00/ Yr
Election Night Worker (259930)Part TimeOpen Until Filled16.00/Hr
Heavy Equipment Operator (2591919)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$13.17/Hr
Juvenile Care Worker (2582305)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$12.68 / Hr
Poll Worker (2374919)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$10.30 / Hr
Road Maintenance Worker (2589742)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$12.68/Hr
Social Worker - JDC (2582491)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$16.92 / Hr
Social Worker (2519600)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$20.00 / Hr

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  • Applications are accepted on weekdays between 8:00am and 4:30pm for open positions only.
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