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Illegal Dump Enforcement

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Illegal dumpWhat Are Illegal Dumps?

Illegal dumps are places where trash has been improperly disposed. This could be roadside litter, open piles of trash, or buried trash. Illegal dumps are more common in rural areas and often include larger items like appliances that can be difficult to dispose. However, dumping trash on other people’s property, county, state, or federal lands, or waterways is illegal.

Why Are Illegal Dumps A Problem?

Illegal dumps negatively affect our community in a number of ways:

  • They decrease property values
  • They are unsightly and smelly
  • They attract rodents and mosquitoes that can carry diseases
  • They can pollute soil and water, including groundwater that provides drinking water in wells and springs.
    Northwest Arkansas is characterized by karst geology--limestone bedrock which has been dissolved by water, creating a network of cracks, tunnels, caves, sinkholes, and springs. This makes us very susceptible to water pollution as contaminates can be carried quickly and easily from one point to another.
  • They cost money to clean up
  • They invite more dumping 
  • They are dangerous to children who might play in them


Find a licensed trash hauling service. All areas of the county are serviced by at least one trash hauler. Boston Mountain Solid Waste District has a list of all licensed haulers in the area. See the map of haulers or call 1-888-426-9278 to see which companies service your area..

Recycle more household waste to save money in avoided disposal costs. Appliances, tires, scrap metal, household hazardous waste, and electronics can be recycled at our collection site in Fayetteville.

Schedule a bulky waste pick-up with the Boston Mountain Solid Waste District at (479) 846-3005. They will pick up appliances and furniture at your curb or mailbox for a fee.

Take the items to a landfill or transfer station. Waste Management owns and operates the only landfill in our county. It is located near Tontitown. For directions, call 479-361-2069. The City of Fayetteville operates a transfer station on Happy Hollow Road. Call 575-8398 for details. Boston Mountain Solid Waste District operates a transfer station in Prairie Grove.

Reporting Illegal Dumps

If you find an illegal dump within city limits, please call the city administration for assistance. If you find an illegal dump along a county road, please call our office at 444-1725 to report it.

Keep Arkansas Beautiful has a toll free number to report littering along Arkansas State Highways. Call 1-866-811-1222 with the date, location, items littered, and vehicle description.

Community Cleanups

Many youth groups and citizens work together to clean up their county roads and waterways. The Environmental Affairs and Recycling Department can provide orange trash bags, work vests, and road signs to groups cleaning up an area. We will also help haul the materials away. Call our office for more information.