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CodeRED Emergency Notification System

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April 3, 2012, Washington County announced the implementation of the an early warning system for rural residents of unincorporated areas of Washington County.

Residents MUST REGISTER in order to receive this free service.


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Who can register?
a. Washington County residents living in the rural unincorporated areas of the County.
b. Employees and Emergency Personnel

What do I do if I live in an incorporated area (cities)?
a. Contact your local city government for options.
Elkins – 479-643-3400
Elm Springs – 479-248-7323
*Fayetteville – 479-575-8330
*Farmington – 479-267-3865
Goshen - 479-443-9128
Greenland – 479-521-5760
Johnson - 479-521-7291
*Lincoln – 479-824-3321
*Prairie Grove – 479-846-3038
*Springdale – 479-750-8114
Tontitown – 479-361-2700
West Fork – 479-839-2342
Winslow - 479-634-3901

* These cities have their own weather warning service in place.

What kind of alerts will I receive and how will I receive them?
a. Emergency Notifications are evacuation orders, sheriff’s extreme danger alerts, and other life threatening events. These messages will be sent by phone, e-mail and text.
b. General Notifications are non-emergency Washington County internal notifications such as road closures, boil orders and missing child or elderly alerts, etc. for your area. These will primarily be sent by text or email but may also be sent via phone calls.
c. Severe Weather Warnings. CodeRED will automatically call via phone, citizens in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service, You have the option to choose which warnings you want to receive, tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash floods.

Do I have to sign up for general alerts?
a. No, general alerts and severe weather warnings are optional. All residents of the unincorporated areas of Washington County will be signed up for the Emergency Notifications.

What happens if I don’t hear the phone ring, will I get a voice mail?
a. CodeRED will leave a voicemail.
b. If you have caller ID, you will see a call back number. Return the call and you will hear the message notification.

If I change my mind and don’t want to receive some alerts can I remove them?
a. Yes, if you setup an optional account, you can log in and change your options.
b. You can re-register and select different options, your previous registration will be deleted.
c. After receiving an alert, you can call the dial back number and select option 2 to opt out of that type of alert.

If I don’t have an e-mail and I use someone else’s, will the alert be for their area or mine?
a. Alerts are based on the physical location address that you enter in the system.

My neighbors only speaks Spanish, can they receive notifications in Spanish?
a. Weather warning calls are only in English at this time.
b. Other voice notifications may or may not have a 2nd language option depending on whether a translator is available at the time of the message recording.
c. Text and e-mail will primarily be in English, but may have a 2nd language message if a translator is available at the time of the messaging.

I am deaf, how can I receive a notice if only a voice call is sent?
a. When registering, you have the option to indicate if there is a TTD/TTY device available.

Last updated: 4/21/2015