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How to become a Poll Worker?

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Are you interested in being a Poll Worker for Washington County?

In Washington County on Election Day over 400 poll workers are on hand to assist registered voters. They staff 46 polling places and 8 early vote sites. Each poll worker is a part of the election process by which Americans select our leaders and have a voice in government.

Would you like to be one of these people? Are you helpful and friendly? Do you have attention to detail? If you would like to become a poll worker, apply at the Human Resource Office of the Washington County Courthouse. Applications are available to down load at  or fill out on line at

Frequently asked Questions about becoming a poll worker:

Q. What qualifications do I need to be a Poll Worker?
A. You must be a registered voter in Washington County, over the age of 18, and able to read and write the English language. Be able to get along with fellow poll workers, deal with voters in a courteous, efficient fair manner and follow specified procedures, as set by Arkansas Election Laws.

Q. What steps do I take to become a Poll Worker?
A. You must fill out an application with the Washington County Human Resource office, when the position becomes available. Then you will be called by the Election Commission to be interviewed and upon your hiring attend a county orientation and poll worker orientation. At your county orientation you will need to bring certain documents to fill out an I9 ( such as a social security card (non-laminated), passport and current driver’s license or state id)  You will then be assigned to specific polling place.

Q. Is this a volunteer position?
A. No, poll workers are paid $10.30 an hour and typically work a 13 hour day. However, because the General Election year is every other year, election work can be sporadic and should never be considered full or part time employment.

Q. What are the hours?
A. The polls are open from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Election Day. The poll supervisor will contact you to let you know what time to be at the polls for set up, usually sometime before 7:00 a.m. Poll Workers typically work until the polls close, but some do work split- shifts.

Q. When will I work?
A. In a General Election year, there will be a Primary in March, Primary Run-off in March, School Election in September, General Election and General Election Run-Off in November. In a non-General Election year there will be the School Election in September. Special Elections can be called thru out the year, typically the Second Tuesday of the month. The size of the election will determine the number of poll workers need, so you may not work every election. Your Poll Supervisor will contact you to let you know that your polling place is open for an election and you are needed for that election.

Q. Will I receive training?
A. Yes. Training will be in January before the March 3, 2020.  Primary. If you are hired at a different time, then you will receive training after your county orientation and your Poll Supervisor will go over what is to be expected on Election Day.

Q. Are there other positions besides a poll worker?
A. Yes. There are Poll Supervisors at every polling place and an ExpressVote specialist. The Poll Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the poll workers and organization of the polling place during the Election. The Poll Supervisor is required to set up the polling place the Monday before an Election, and return specific supplies to the Courthouse the night of the Election. The ExpressVote specialist is responsible for opening and closing the ExpressVote voting equipment and to bring up the correct ballot for each voter. Being familiar with computers is helpful, as well as the ability to follow detailed written procedures.