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2020 General Election Candidates Candidates (Federal, State, and County Offices)

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Election Day: November 3, 2020

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 Offices  Candidates  Party  Ballot Order
 U.S. President      
 U.S. Senate  Senator Tom Cotton  Republican Party  
   Dan Whitifield  Independent  
   Ricky Dale Harrington Jr.  Libertarian Party  
 U.S. Congress District 3  Celeste Williams  Democratic Party
   Congressman Steve Womack  Republican Party  
   Michael J. Kalagias  Libertarian Party  

 State Senate

 District 1  Ronetta Francis  Democratic Party
   Bart Hester  Republican Party  
 District 2  Ryan Craig  Democratic Party
   Senator Jim Hendren  Republican Party  
 District 7  Senator Lance Eads  Republican Party  

 State Representative

 District 80  Lou Reed Sharp  Democratic Party
   Represntative Charlene Fite  Republican Party  
 District 81  Representative Bruce Coleman  Republican Party
 District 84  Representative Denise Garner  Democratic Party  
 District 85  State Representative David Whitaker  Democratic Party
   Brian Hester  Republican Party  
 District 86  Representative Nicole Clowney  Democratic Party
   John S. LaTour  Republican Party  
 District 87  Michael Bennett-Spears  Democratic Party
   State Representative Robin Lundstrum  Republican Party  
 District 88  Hawley Woods  Democratic Party
   Representative Clint Penzo  Republican Party  
 District 89  Representative Megan Godfrey  Democratic Party
   Jed Duggar  Republican Party  
 District 97  Suzie Bell  Democratic Party
   State Representative Harlan Breaux  Republican Party  

County Justice of the Peace

 District 1  Mac Mayfield  Democratic Party
   Justice of the Peace Lance C. Johnson  Republican Party  
 District 2  Fadil Bayyari  Democratic Party
   Shannon Marti  Republican Party  
 District 3  Laurie Marshall  Democratic Party
   Sean M. Simmons  Republican Party  
 District 4  Kenny Arredondo Loyola  Democratic Party  
   Bill Ussery  Republican Party  
 District 5  Randall Lane  Democratic Party
   Justice of the Peace Patrick W.  Deakins  Republican Party  
 District 6  Beth Coger  Democratic Party
   Justice of the Peace Lisa Ecke  Republican Party  
 District 7  Janelle Bradford Smiley  Democratic Party
   Justice of the Peace Sam B. Duncan  Republican Party  
 District 8  Justice of the Peace Shawndra Washington  Democratic Party  
 District 9  Justice of the Peace Eva Madison  Democratic Party
   Jim Stockland  Republican Party  
 District 10  Justice of the Peace Andrea Jenkins  Democratic Party
   Robert Dennis  Republican Party  
 District 11  Justice of the Peace Suki Lin Highers  Democratic Party  
 District 12  Candy Clark  Democratic Party
   Todd Edwin Crane  Republican Party  
 District 13  Brandy Weaver  Democratic Party
   Justice of the Peace Willie E. Leming  Republican Party  
 District 14  Kenley Haley-Casey  Democratic Party
   Jim Wilson  Republican Party  
 District 15  Nan House  Democratic Party
   Justice of the Peace Butch Pond  Republican Party  


 District 1  Constable John Duggar  Republican Party  
 District 2  John M. Brooks  Democratic Party  
 District 3  Kyle Woodruff  Republican Party
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