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I.D.E.A.S. for a better county

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As County Judge, my priorities are developing better leaders to provide better services for a better county. Our team will focus on the following:

  • Infrastructure

    We will work in every department to have a robust infrastructure plan. We will deliver on strategies and support economic development and viability across the county. Looking at performance-based budgets and insisting on both effective and efficient services for the citizens of the county.

  • Destination (Services)

    We will make decisions that place the needs of the citizens and our employees first. We will deliver better services in all areas of responsibility. Fifteen families move into Washington County every day. We wish to keep them coming because of services we provide, the leadership they experience, and because they believe in the IDEAS of what is possible. We also want our current citizenry to stay because of the same factors.

  • Education (Employee Focus)

    We will commit to providing our employees with the tools and resources they need to deliver better services to citizens of the county. We are committed to developing our leaders to foster growth and development of the county employees. Ensuring our employees are equipped and empowered to serve.

  • Area (Around the County)

    The IDEAS plan is for the entire county. Engaging citizens and communicating with them in the business of the county. Sharing what we do and services we provide. IDEAS from the county.

  • Security

    The safety and security of our citizens and employees are essential and must be top of mind in all we do in serving the county. We will ensure we have steps in place with emergency readiness, employee support and safety practices across our departments.