2015 Budget

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2015 Budget 


                Budget Controls 

                Salary Range 

                Budget Overall Summary 
                Revenue Projections 

                Departmental Expenditure Summary

0100 County Judge 

                County Judge 

                Animal Shelter 

                Archiving/Records Management 

                Building & Grounds 


                Computer/IS Dept 

                County Attorney 

                DEM/Nine One One 

                Environmental Affairs 

                Grants Administrator 

                Human Resources 

                Juvenile Detention Center 




                Veterans Service

0101 County Clerk

0102 Circuit Clerk

0103 Treasurer

0104 Tax Collector

0105 Assessor

0400 Sheriff & 0418 Jail

0401-0413 Courts

0416 Prosecuting Attorney

0417 Public Defender

0419 Coroner

0600 County Library