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It is the mission of the Washington County Drug Treatment Court to promote public safety and quality of life within the community through the reduction of substance abuse and criminal behavior.

Our Philosophy

Washington County Drug Treatment CourtIt is our philosophy that "treatment works" and that the supervised placements of select drug and alcohol offenders in a highly structured, therapeutic program can be an effective alternative to incarceration. Moreover, that diverting offenders into treatment under criminal justice sanctions adds to the accountability that the criminal justice system strives to achieve. We believe that although the legal/judicial and treatment systems have historically operated from different perspectives, they each share a common goal that can be better achieved through a collaborative approach utilizing the full range of resources available to them.

Our Goals

To provide an enhanced system of services that will assist individuals, their families, and the community in recovery from substance related disorders.

To reduce the incidence and prevalence of substance use patterns and promotes responsible social behaviors.

To lower recidivism rates among criminal offenders and reduce overcrowding in the Washington County Jail.

To more effectively and efficiently utilize county resources and offset the excessive costs associated with housing non-violent drug and alcohol offenders.