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Assessor FAQs

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What is the Homestead Credit?

  • How do I access assessment information?

  • Is the Property Search free?

  • What do all the codes on real estate assessments mean?

  • My house was just finished. Do I need to assess it or anything?

  • My acreage is different than what is assessed, how can I correct this?

  • I own two parcels of land. Is it possible to have my two parcels combined?

  • How do I assess a modular/mobile home?

  • I have an old vehicle that isn't driven or running, do I have to assess it?

  • Do I assess old farm tractors and/or equipment?

  • May I add a vehicle over the phone?

  • In my business I use my personal computer and desk. Do I have to assess them under my business name?

  • What is the difference between personal property and real estate?