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Elected Officials, 1829-Present

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per Arkansas Secretary of State & Washington County Records

Office Elected/Appointed Official Term Served
Assessor Office created 1868 1828-1868
Assessor Shreve, Wilson 1868-1872
Assessor Pettigrew, G. H. 1872-1874
Assessor Mitchell, William 1874-1878
Assessor Trent, J. W. M. 1878-1886
Assessor Morrow, G. W. 1886-1890
Assessor Smith, J. P. 1890-1894
Assessor Henry, E. P. 1894-1898
Assessor Loving, J. R. 1898-1902
Assessor Holcomb, W. H. 1902-1906
Assessor Hays, G. W. 1906-1910
Assessor Shreve, Walter 1910-1914
Assessor Harris, J. L. 1914-1919
Assessor Harrison, Perry 1919-1921
Assessor Hays, G. W. 1921-1923
Assessor Harrison, T. P. 1923-1925
Assessor Hays, G. W. 1925-1930
Assessor Harrison, T. P. 1931-1934
Assessor Thurman, Carl 1935-1938
Assessor Caudle, George 1939-1942
Assessor Pettigrew, J. C. 1943-1946
Assessor McConnell, George 1947-1954
Assessor Walters, R. C. 1955-1958
Assessor Morrell, A. E. 1959-1964
Assessor McConell, G. L. 1965-1968
Assessor Rushing, Perry L. 1969-1978
Assessor Phillips, Sue 1979-2002
Assessor Kizzar, Lee Ann 2003-2010
Assessor  Williams, Jeff  2011-2014 
Assessor  Hill, Russell  2015-Present
Chancellor see Circuit Judge 1828-1903
Chancellor Humphreys, T. H. 1903-1916
Chancellor McMahan, Ben F. 1916-1923
Chancellor Williams, Sam 1923-1925
Chancellor Seamster, Lee 1925-1942
Chancellor Butt, F. O. 1943-1943
Chancellor Butt, John K. 1943-1948
Chancellor Seamster, Lee 1949-1950
Chancellor1 Butt, Thomas F. 1951-2000
Chancellor1 (see Circuit Judge5)  division merged with Circuit in 2000 2001- 
Chancellor2 Lineberger, John R. 1977-2000
Chancellor2 (see Circuit Judge6) division merged with Circuit in 2000  2001- 
Circuit Clerk Newton, L. 1828-1830
Circuit Clerk Smithson, B. H. 1830-1840
Circuit Clerk Pearson, Benjamin 1840-1844
Circuit Clerk Pitman, James 1844-1846
Circuit Clerk Smith, P. R. 1846-1862
Circuit Clerk unknown/unfilled 1862-1864
Circuit Clerk Reed, G. W. M. 1864-1870
Circuit Clerk Benbrook, C. L. 1871-1873
Circuit Clerk Holcomb, Joe 1873-1876
Circuit Clerk Gregg, A. S. 1876-1884
Circuit Clerk Tillman, J. N. 1884-1890
Circuit Clerk Scott, John P. 1890-1892
Circuit Clerk Walker, Jack 1892-1896
Circuit Clerk Crouch, H. L. 1896-1900
Circuit Clerk Morton, W. H. 1900-1904
Circuit Clerk Rodgers, G. J. 1904-1908
Circuit Clerk Croxdale, M. F. 1908-1912
Circuit Clerk Vaughan, J. C. 1912-1916
Circuit Clerk Davis, J. L. 1916-1921
Circuit Clerk Watson, E. P. 1921-1926
Circuit Clerk Johnson, Pat 1927-1932
Circuit Clerk Walker, Henry B. 1933-1936
Circuit Clerk Jones, Clint 1937-1940
Circuit Clerk Shofner, W. V. 1941-1944
Circuit Clerk Greer, Richard B. 1945-1952
Circuit Clerk Bronson, W. S. 1953-1954
Circuit Clerk McConnell, Lloyd 1955-1966
Circuit Clerk Kollmeyer, Alma 1967-1994
Circuit Clerk Harness, Kathleen 1995-2000
Circuit Clerk Stamps, Bette 2001-2012
Circuit Clerk  Sylvester, Kyle  2013-Present 
Circuit Judge Bates, James Woodson 1828-1829
Circuit Judge Johnson, Benjamin 1829-1829
Circuit Judge Eskridge, Thomas 1830-1834
Circuit Judge Cross, Edward 1832-1834
Circuit Judge Yell, Archibald 1835-1837
Circuit Judge Hoge, J. M. 1837-1845
Circuit Judge Sneed, S. G. 1845-1851
Circuit Judge Greenwood, A. B. 1851-1853
Circuit Judge Batson, F. I. 1853-1859
Circuit Judge Wilson, J. M. 1859-1860
Circuit Judge Green, J. J. 1860-1861
Circuit Judge Walker, James D. 1862-1865
Circuit Judge Harrell, Elias 1865-1867
Circuit Judge Storey, William 1867-1868
Circuit Judge Ham, E. D. 1868-1874
Circuit Judge Brown, B. J. 1874-1875
Circuit Judge Pittman, J. M. 1876-1877
Circuit Judge Berry, J. H. 1878-1882
Circuit Judge Pittman, J. M. 1882-1890
Circuit Judge McDaniels, E. S. 1890-1900
Circuit Judge Tillman, John N. 1900-1905
Circuit Judge Maples, J. S. 1905-1919
Circuit Judge Dickson, W. A. 1919-1927
Circuit Judge Maples, J. S. 1927-1931
Circuit Judge Combs, John S. 1931-1938
Circuit Judge Trimble, J. W. 1939-1946
Circuit Judge Cummings, Maupin 1947-1978
Circuit Judge Gibson, Mahlon 1979-1990
Circuit Judge1 Storey, William 1991-2014
Circuit Judge1  Martin, Doug  2015-Present
Circuit Judge2 Lineberger, John R. 1975-1976
Circuit Judge2  Jameson, Paul  1977-1986 
Circuit Judge2  Smith, Kim  1987-2012 
Circuit Judge2  Martin, Doug  2012-2014 
Circuit Judge2  Threet, John  2015-Present
Circuit Judge3 (Juvenile Judge) Zimmerman, Stacey  1999-Present
Circuit Judge4  Gunn, Mary Ann  1999-2011 
Circuit Judge4  Mason, G. Chadd  2011-2012 
Circuit Judge4  Beaumont, Cristi  2013-Present
Circuit Judge5  Mashburn, Mike 2001-2007 
Circuit Judge5  Carson, Gary L. 2007-2008 
Circuit Judge5  Mashburn, Mike  2009-2009 
Circuit Judge5  Martin, Doug  2009-2010 
Circuit Judge5  Bryan, Beth Storey  2011-Present
Circuit Judge6 Lindsay, Mark  2000-Present
Circuit Judge7  Taylor, Joanna  2011-Present
Collector see Sheriff 1828-1921
Collector Jackson, H. E. 1919-1928
Collector Wilson, J. C. 1929-1934
Collector Trewhitt, C. W. 1935-1940
Collector Carter, Witt 1941-1946
Collector Taylor, Ralph 1947-1954
Collector McConnell, G. L. 1955-1962
Collector Davis, Paul 1963-1964
Collector Teague, Sarah B. 1965-1968
Collector Walker, Sarah B. 1969-1978
Collector Mhoon, Josephine 1979-1981
Collector Little, Pat 1981-1982
Collector Cantrell, Joe 1983-1994
Collector Tanner, May B. 1995-2000
Collector Ruff, David 2001-2016
Collector  Wood, Angela  2017-Present
Coroner Skelton, John 1828-1830
Coroner Marrs, James 1830-1832
Coroner Coulter, James 1832-1833
Coroner Crawford, James 1833-1835
Coroner Hester, W. W. 1835-1836
Coroner Callaghan, D. 1836-1838
Coroner Wallace, L. W. 1838-1840
Coroner Brixey, John 1840-1842
Coroner Babb, Ewing 1842-1844
Coroner Skelton, W. 1844-1846
Coroner Fincher, H. W. 1846-1862
Coroner Jackson, J. R. 1862-1864
Coroner Gregg, M. 1864-1866
Coroner Mankins, Pete 1866-1868
Coroner Graham, William 1868-1872
Coroner Holland, W. D. 1872-1878
Coroner Mount, J. J. 1878-1880
Coroner Van Hoose, George 1880-1882
Coroner Phillips, W. R. 1882-1886
Coroner Van Hoose, George 1886-1890
Coroner Lay, E. 1890-1896
Coroner Blackburn, W. T. 1896-1898
Coroner Bishop, W. W. 1898-1904
Coroner Swift, C. E. 1904-1906
Coroner Baird, Y. J. 1906-1908
Coroner Bishop, W. W. 1908-1912
Coroner Childress, T. B. 1912-1916
Coroner Cox, John 1916-1919
Coroner Moore, Frank 1919-1921
Coroner Nix, Joe S. 1921-1927
Coroner Riggs, G. M. 1927-1941
Coroner Watson, E. P. 1941-1942
Coroner Russell, Maurice 1943-1944
Coroner Watson, E. P. 1945-1962
Coroner Baker, D. B. 1963-1964
Coroner Henry, M. M. 1965-1966
Coroner Vinzant, John W. 1967-1974
Coroner Ahrend, T. 1975-1976
Coroner Medley, Gary 1976-1976
Coroner Hart, H. R. 1977-1978
Coroner Priest, Linda M. 1979-1982
Coroner Box, Terry 1983-1984
Coroner Myers, William G. 1985-1986
Coroner Burrow, John Logan 1987-1988
Coroner Rogers, David 1989-1992
Coroner Boyd, Tom 1993-1994
Coroner Farmer, Charles 1995-2002
Coroner Morris, Roger W. 2003-Present
County Clerk Newton, L. 1828-1830
County Clerk Smithson, B. H. 1830-1840
County Clerk Pearson, Benjamin 1840-1844
County Clerk Pitman, James 1844-1846
County Clerk Smith, P. R. 1846-1862
County Clerk unknown/unfilled 1862-1864
County Clerk Reed, G. W. M. 1864-1866
County Clerk Smith, P. R. 1866-1868
County Clerk Reed, G. W. M. 1868-1872
County Clerk Smith, P. R. 1872-1880
County Clerk Reagan, H. F. 1880-1884
County Clerk Shannon, J. B. 1884-1888
County Clerk Suttle, J. E. 1888-1892
County Clerk Cook, W. I. 1892-1896
County Clerk Holcomb, Bruce 1896-1900
County Clerk Boles, Clifford P. 1900-1904
County Clerk Greer, Ben F. 1904-1908
County Clerk Watson, E. P. 1908-1912
County Clerk Appleby, George 1912-1916
County Clerk Pearson, Clem 1916-1921
County Clerk Bishop, J. M. 1921-1925
County Clerk Tilley, Harris 1925-1926
County Clerk Little, G. C. 1927-1928
County Clerk Jackson, H. E. 1929-1932
County Clerk Cruse, Merle 1933-1936
County Clerk Moore, D. L. 1937-1942
County Clerk Scott, Roy A. 1943-1952
County Clerk Davis, Paul C. 1953-1962
County Clerk Roberts, Ruth E. 1963-1976
County Clerk Edwards, Marilyn 1977-2002
County Clerk Pritchard, Karen Combs 2003-2012
County Clerk  Lewallen, Becky  2013-Present
County Judge see Circuit Judge 1828-1830
County Judge McAmy, Robert 1830-1832
County Judge Wilson, John 1832-1833
County Judge Hoge, J. M. 1833-1835
County Judge Woody, W. B. 1835-1836
County Judge Cureton, John 1837-1838
County Judge Wilson, Thomas 1839-1844
County Judge Newman, John 1845-1860
County Judge Crawford, A. A. 1861-1862
County Judge Meeklin, R. W. 1863-1864
County Judge Galbreath, J. 1865-1866
County Judge Tankersley, L. 1867-1868
County Judge Galbreath, C. C. 1869-1873
County Judge Brownlee, W. W. (Supervisor) 1874-1874
County Judge Tankersley, L. (Supervisor) 1874-1874
County Judge Mullins, Thomas 1879-1886
County Judge Green, H. P. 1887-1890
County Judge Wainwright, T. 1891-1892
County Judge Hill, Frank 1893-1898
County Judge Hannah, R. D. 1899-1900
County Judge Berry, Millard 1901-1904
County Judge Williams, W. E. 1905-1908
County Judge Greer, Ben F. 1909-1912
County Judge Hight, J. T. 1913-1916
County Judge Appleby, George 1917-1919
County Judge Campbell, Frank 1919-1921
County Judge Dowell, J. E. 1921-1926
County Judge Baker, H. L. 1927-1928
County Judge Slaughter, J. L. 1929-1932
County Judge Jackson, H. E. 1933-1936
County Judge Rothrock, I. R. 1937-1942
County Judge Caudle, G. F. 1943-1946
County Judge Carter, Witt 1947-1952
County Judge Bush, William L. 1953-1956
County Judge Crider, Bruce 1957-1962
County Judge Martin, Arthur L. 1963-1964
County Judge Thrasher, Gene L. 1965-1968
County Judge Lester, Vol B. 1969-1978
County Judge Johnson, Charles A. 1979-1998
County Judge Hunton, Jerry 1999-2008
County Judge Edwards, Marilyn 2009-2016
County Judge  Wood, Joseph K.  2017-Present
Juvenile Judge see County Judge 1828-1964
Juvenile Judge Lighton, Suzanne C. (referee) 1965-1967
Juvenile Judge Hipp, Richard (referee) 1967-1969
Juvenile Judge Mayes, Bob I. 1969-1980
Juvenile Judge McCann, Ronald 1981-1986
Juvenile Judge Hafer, Earl P. 1987-1989
Juvenile Judge Storey, William 1990-1990
Juvenile Judge Williams, Charles N. 1991-1998
Juvenile Judge (Circuit Judge3) Zimmerman, Stacey 1999-Present
Prosecuting Attorney Hubbard, Thomas 1828-1832
Prosecuting Attorney Royston, G. D. 1832-1833
Prosecuting Attorney Watson, Shelton 1833-1835
Prosecuting Attorney Stephenson, A. G. 1835-1840
Prosecuting Attorney Wilson, Alfred M. 1840-1844
Prosecuting Attorney Greenwood, A. B. 1845-1853
Prosecuting Attorney Thomason, H. F. 1853-1856
Prosecuting Attorney Gregg, Lafayette 1856-1862
Prosecuting Attorney Brown, B. J. 1862-1864
Prosecuting Attorney Cravens, J. E. 1865-1866
Prosecuting Attorney Boon, Squire 1866-1868
Prosecuting Attorney Harrell, Elias 1868-1873
Prosecuting Attorney Peel, S. W. 1873-1876
Prosecuting Attorney Stirman, E. I. 1876-1878
Prosecuting Attorney Dinsmore, H. A. 1878-1884
Prosecuting Attorney Wilson, J. Frank 1884-1886
Prosecuting Attorney Walker, J. V. 1886-1888
Prosecuting Attorney Johnson, S. M. 1888-1890
Prosecuting Attorney Peel, J. M. 1890-1892
Prosecuting Attorney Tillman, J. N. 1892-1898
Prosecuting Attorney Walker, J. W. 1898-1900
Prosecuting Attorney Maples, J. S. 1900-1904
Prosecuting Attorney Horsley, D. B. 1905-1908
Prosecuting Attorney Fuller, C. A. 1910-1914
Prosecuting Attorney Combs, J. S. 1914-1919
Prosecuting Attorney Nance, J. W. 1919-1925
Prosecuting Attorney Combs, John S. 1925-1930
Prosecuting Attorney Trimble, J. W. 1931-1938
Prosecuting Attorney Butt, J. K. 1939-1942
Prosecuting Attorney Duty, Jeff 1943-1946
Prosecuting Attorney Coxsey, Ted P. 1947-1968
Prosecuting Attorney Gibson, Mahlon  1969-1978
Prosecuting Attorney Smith, Kim 1979-1986
Prosecuting Attorney Ziser, Andrew 1987-1992
Prosecuting Attorney Jones, Terry 1993-2006
Prosecuting Attorney Threet, John 2007-2013
Prosecuting Attorney  Durrett, Matt  2014-Present
Public Defender Office created in 1974? 1828-1974
Public Defender Lineberger, John R. 1974-1975
Public Defender Dabney, Mike 1975-1978
Public Defender Hyslip, Denny 1979-Present
Sheriff Evans, Lewis 1828-1836
Sheriff Pleasants, L. C. 1836-1840
Sheriff Smith, P. R. 1840-1844
Sheriff O'Bryan, E. 1844-1848
Sheriff Smithson, B. H. 1848-1852
Sheriff Pettigrew, Z. M. 1852-1856
Sheriff Crawford, John 1856-1860
Sheriff Gibson, George 1860-1862
Sheriff Gregg, A. S. 1862-1864
Sheriff Carney, J. W. 1864-1866
Sheriff Yoes, Jacob 1866-1868
Sheriff Little, B. F. 1868-1872
Sheriff Pettigrew, Z. M. 1872-1880
Sheriff Henry, C. M. 1880-1884
Sheriff Deane, George F. 1884-1888
Sheriff Combs, I. G. 1888-1892
Sheriff Lake, George T. 1892-1896
Sheriff Oxford, J. W. 1896-1900
Sheriff Rollins, W. H. 1900-1904
Sheriff Phillips, Kit 1904-1908
Sheriff Reed, J. C. 1908-1910
Sheriff Caudle, S. W. 1910-1914
Sheriff Morton, R. M. 1914-1919
Sheriff Jackson, H. E. 1919-1921
Sheriff Guinn, S. H. 1921-1923
Sheriff Johnson, W. H. 1923-1925
Sheriff Guinn, S. H. 1925-1926
Sheriff Walker, H. B. 1927-1932
Sheriff Gover, Harley 1933-1936
Sheriff Lewis, Herbert 1936-1940
Sheriff Davidson, A. B. 1941-1942
Sheriff Gulley, C. P. 1943-1946
Sheriff Crider, Bruce 1947-1956
Sheriff Spencer, Hollis 1957-1962
Sheriff Brogdon, Hal B. 1962-1962
Sheriff Davidson, A. B. 1963-1968
Sheriff Long, Bill L. 1969-1974
Sheriff Marshall, Herbert H. 1975-1980
Sheriff Dennis, Bud 1981-1990
Sheriff McKee, Kenneth 1991-2000
Sheriff Whitmill, Steve 2001-2004
Sheriff Owens, Lee 2004-1004
Sheriff Helder, Tim 2005-Present
Surveyor Caruthers, Y. 1828-1832
Surveyor Edmondson, J. T. 1832-1833
Surveyor McClellan, John 1833-1840
Surveyor Shipley, E. H. 1840-1844
Surveyor Sullivan, W. D. 1844-1848
Surveyor Ross, H. P. 1848-1854
Surveyor Shipley, E. H. 1854-1856
Surveyor Ross, H. P. 1856-1864
Surveyor unknown/not filled 1864-1866
Surveyor Mitchell, William 1866-1868
Surveyor Cline, G. W. 1868-1872
Surveyor Buchanan, L. A. 1872-1874
Surveyor Buchanan, A. 1874-1878
Surveyor Buchanan, J. A. 1878-1882
Surveyor Scott, Hugh 1882-1884
Surveyor Mitchell, William 1884-1888
Surveyor Walker, B. F. 1888-1892
Surveyor Rosser, W. E. 1892-1898
Surveyor Shreve, A. W. 1898-1902
Surveyor Shreve, Walter 1902-1904
Surveyor Rosser, W. E. 1904-1914
Surveyor Shreve, A. W. 1914-1919
Surveyor Skelton, R. A. 1919-1921
Surveyor Ratcliff, E. M. 1921-1923
Surveyor Shreve, Walter 1923-1925
Surveyor Shreve, A. W. 1925-1926
Surveyor Shreve, Walter 1927-1930
Surveyor Denton, Harry 1931-1932
Surveyor Gary, Faus 1933-1936
Surveyor Shreve, Walter 1937-1939
Surveyor Doerries, W. A. 1939-1940
Surveyor unknown/not filled 1943-1948
Surveyor Mulrenin, Cass 1949-1954
Surveyor Shreve, Ralph 1955-1962
Surveyor unknown/not filled 1963-1964
Surveyor Kemp, Don L. 1965-1968
Surveyor Jones, Joe 1969-1970
Surveyor Sullivan, R. E. 1971-1972
Surveyor not filled 1973-1974
Surveyor Reed, Richard D. 1975-1976
Surveyor Blew, Frank W. Jr. 1977-1982
Surveyor not filled 1983-1984
Surveyor Kemp, Don 1985-1986
Surveyor not filled 1987-1990
Surveyor Steenken, Lou 1991-1992
Surveyor Combs, James 1992-1996
Surveyor not filled 1996-2018
Treasurer Office Created 1836 1828-1836
Treasurer Murphy, Isaac 1836-1838
Treasurer Wallace, W. L. 1838-1840
Treasurer Hubbard, M. 1840-1844
Treasurer Bowers, W. M. 1844-1852
Treasurer Simpson, J. B. 1852-1860
Treasurer Watson, W. A. 1860-1864
Treasurer Carlisle, Thomas 1864-1866
Treasurer Simpson, J. B. 1866-1868
Treasurer Carlisle, Thomas 1868-1872
Treasurer Lewis, A. B. 1872-1874
Treasurer Boone, Lafayette 1874-1880
Treasurer Rainwater, J. B. 1880-1884
Treasurer Tunstill, W. S. 1884-1890
Treasurer Cummings, K. C. 1890-1892
Treasurer Blackburn, W. H. 1892-1896
Treasurer Mitchell, J. C. 1896-1900
Treasurer Baird, Y. J. 1900-1904
Treasurer Bell, R. F. 1904-1908
Treasurer Parks, W. D. 1908-1912
Treasurer Watson, A. C. 1912-1916
Treasurer Davis, Lee 1916-1921
Treasurer Johnson, W. H. 1921-1925
Treasurer Harrison, T. P. 1925-1928
Treasurer Stearnes, C. S. 1929-1932
Treasurer Page, W. E. 1933-1936
Treasurer Shofner, Wallace 1937-1940
Treasurer Bronson, Minnie 1941-1946
Treasurer Shook, Clint 1947-1960
Treasurer Jones, Bethel 1960-1960
Treasurer Sherry, Hugh 1961-1974
Treasurer Perry, Joan 1975-1998
Treasurer Haney, Roger 1999-2014
Treasurer  Hill, Bobby  2015-Present