What does Archives do?

Many people believe archives means old records. While we house the county's old records, we have newer records too. By definition, archives means the official records of an institution.

Established in 1997 as a department of the Washington County Judge's Office, the Archives department helps all county offices manage their inactive records, both old and new. We house records having long-term historic, legal, or administrative value - most created by the offices of Circuit Clerk and County Clerk. Our earliest record was created in 1829, and at this writing, our most recent record is from 2008.

What records do we have?

Can Archives help me with research?

Although this office cannot conduct extensive research, if you provide us with an approximate year a single document was recorded, we can mail or email it to you. Our photocopy fee is 10 cents per copy plus postage, if mailed.

For extensive research requests,  you'll need to obtain services of a professional genealogist or a title company. For assistance with historical and genealogical research, we also suggest you contact these helpful sources.

Other Information