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November 8, 2016 General Election Sample Ballots

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Morrow Fire Station                                       
Brush Creek Nob Hill Fire Station
Cane Hill Carroll Drugstore
Center Farmington Baptist Church
Center-2 Farmington Baptist Church
Center-House Farmington Baptist Church

Cove Creek

Strickler Fire Station
Cove Creek-S Strickler Fire Station
Crawford Brentwood School
Durham Durham Comm. Bldg.
Dutch Mills Morrow Fire Station
Elkins Elkins Comm. Bldg.
Elkins-H Elkins Comm. Bldg.
Elm Springs City Elm Springs United Methodist Church
Elm Springs TWP Elm Springs United Methodist Church
Farmington 1 Farmington Baptist Church
Farmington 2 Farmington Baptist Church
Farmington-S Farmington Baptist Church
1 Genesis Church
2 Sang Avenue Baptist Church
3 Sang Avenue Baptist Church
4 Central Methodist Church
5 Central Methodist Church
6 Trinity Fellowship Church
7 Sequoyah Methodist Church
8 Yvonne Richardson Center
9 Genesis Church
10 Genesis Church
11 Baldwin Church of Christ
12 Ridgeview Baptist Church
13 Trinity Methodist Church
14 Christian Life Cathedral
15 Genesis Church
16 Genesis Church
17 Sequoyah Methodist Church
18 Sequoyah Methodist Church
19 St. John's Lutheran Church
20 Covenant Church
21 Ridgeview Baptist Church
22 Christian Life Cathedral
23 Sang Avenue Baptist Church
24 Genesis Church
25 Yvonne Richardson Center
26 Sang Avenue Baptist Church
27 Shiloh Community Church
28 The Awakening
29 Sequoyah Methodist Church
30 Trinity Fellowship Church
31 Shiloh Community Church
32 Covenant Church
33 Shiloh Community Church
34 Trinity Methodist Church
35 Trinity Fellowship Church
36 Central Methodist Church

Christian Life Cathedral

38 Christian Life Cathedral
39 Trinity Fellowship Church


Shiloh Community Church


Christian Life Cathedral
42 Sang Avenue Baptist Church
43 Covenant Church
44 St. John's Lutheran Church
45 Trinity Fellowship Church
46 Covenant Church
47 Baldwin Church of Christ
48 Covenant Church
Goshen City Goshen Comm. Bldg.
Goshen TWP Goshen Comm. Bldg.
Greenland City Greenland Comm. Bldg.
Greenland TWP Greenland Comm. Bldg.
Harmon St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Harmon-S St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Illinois Cincinnati Comm. Bldg.
Johnson City Johnson City Hall
Johnson City-S Johnson City Hall
Johnson TWP Johnson City Hall
Johnson TWP-H Johnson City Hall
Lees Creek Blackburn Church
Lincoln Lincoln Comm. Center

Wedington Fire Station

Marrs Hill Prairie Grove Christian Church
Morrow Morrow Fire Station
Prairie Grove City Prairie Grove Christian Church
Prairie Grove City-H Prairie Grove Christian Church
Prairie Grove City-S Prairie Grove Christian Church
Prairie Grove TWP-S Prairie Grove Christian Church
Prairie Grove TWP Prairie Grove Christian Church

Prairie TWP 1

The Awakening Church
Prairie TWP 2 Baldwin Church of Christ
Prairie TWP 3 Farmington Baptist Church
Prairie TWP 4 Shiloh Community Church
Prairie TWP 5 Ridgeview Church
Reed Hazel Valley Church
Rheas Mill Rheas Mill Comm. Bldg.
Richland Elkins Comm. Bldg
Richland-S Elkins Comm. Bldg
Springdale Precincts  
1 Elmdale Baptist Church
2 Spg. Rodeo Comm. Center
3 Spg. Rodeo Comm. Center
4 Cross Church
5 Youth Center
6 Elmdale Baptist Church
7 Calvary
8 First Church of the Nazarene
9 Elmdale Baptist Church
10 Cross Church
11 Oak Grove Baptist Church
12 First Church of the Nazarene
13 Spg. Rodeo Comm. Center
14 Calvary
15 Spg. Rodeo Comm. Center
16 Youth Center
17 Turner St. Baptist Church
18 Elmdale Baptist Church
19 Cross Church
20 Oak Grove Baptist Church
21 Oak Grove Baptist Church
22 Oak Grove Baptist Church
23 Spg. Rodeo Comm. Center
24 Spg. Rodeo Comm. Center
25 Spg. Rodeo Comm. Center
26 Oak Grove Baptist Church
27 Oak Grove Baptist Church
Springdale TWP Sonora Baptist Church
Starr Hill Lincoln Comm. Center
Tontitown City-1 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Tontitown City-2 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Tontitown City-3 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Tontitown City-4 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Tontitown City-5 St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Tontitown TWP St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Valley West Fork Comm. Center
Valley-H West Fork Comm. Center
Valley-S West Fork Comm. Center
Vineyard Evansville Fire Station
War Eagle Nob Hill Fire Station
Wedington Wedington Comm. Bldg.
West Fork City-1 West Fork Comm. Center
West Fork City-2 West Fork Comm. Center
West Fork City-3 West Fork Comm. Center
West Fork TWP West Fork Comm. Center
West Fork TWP-H West Fork Comm. Center
Wheeler Wheeler Fire Station
Wheeler-H Wheeler Fire Station
Wheeler-S Wheeler Fire Station
White River Sulphur City Baptist Church
White River-H Sulphur City Baptist Church
White River-S Sulphur City Baptist Church
Winslow City Boston Mtn. Fire Station
Winslow TWP Boston Mtn. Fire Station
Wyman Baldwin Church of Christ