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The Animal Shelter has many daily needs. We have made a list of our needs and wants on an Amazon Wish List. The link below will connect you to this list but please note that the Shelter is not promoting that your donation be purchased from Amazon.

List of Shelter Needs & Wishes

Dog/Cat Food:
The Shelter uses specific dry dog/cat food. You will notice that our list requests donations of Purina Dog Chow Complete, Cat Chow Complete, Kitten Chow Complete, and Puppy Chow Complete. There is a reason to this specific request. Changing brands of dog/cat food can and will upset an animal’s digestive system causing diarrhea. Diarrhea at the shelter puts an even bigger strain on the limited staffing and limited budget the shelters possesses. In addition, some dogs and cats will develop other health issues because of the diarrhea and they will have to be put on medication. By using one brand of dog/cat food we limit the intestinal issues our animals have and limit the amount of cleaning time and product needed to keep the shelter clean and smelling fresh.

Monetary Donations: Monetary donations are also accepted at the Animal Shelter and at

Animal Sponsorship: There are also many potential wonderful adopters that cannot afford the adoption fee, so you can sponsor animals by paying their fee.

Please contact us if you have questions!
Phone: (479) 695-3450