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Equalization Board

Term - 3 Years

Membership:  The Equalization Board consists of a representative of the County, two (2) representatives of the Quorum Court; a representative of the schools, and a representative of the cities.

Purpose:  The County Equalization Board has two responsibilities: (1) to review and equalize overall county assessments as assessed by the Assessor; and (2) to hear assessment appeals by property owners.  The Board meets only in the Fall.

Law Library Board

Term Length:  5 Years

Membership:  The County Law Library Board is composed of five (5) persons, who shall be practicing attorneys, qualified electors of the County, and who shall have been nominated by the Washington County Bar Association.

Purpose:  The Board shall have charge of the operation and maintenance of the County Law Library and the custody and care of it's property and shall direct the expenditure of funds derived for law library purposes and any other funds received by the county, or the board, for the use of the law library, and shall have the power and authority as set forth in the county law library act.

County Library Board

Term Length: 5 Years

Membership: The Washington County Library Board is composed of seven (7) qualified electors of the County.  (1) member shall represent the City of Springdale; one (1) member shall represent the City of Prairie Grove; one (1) member shall represent the City of Lincoln; one (1) member shall represent the City of West Fork; one (1) member shall represent the City of Elkins. The Mayors of the aforestated cities shall, in consultation with their respective library boards, certify nominees to the County Judge. Two (2) members shall represent the remainder of the unincorporated areas of the County and cities not set out above.  These two (2) members shall be submitted by the County Judge.  All nominees are to be confirmed by the Quorum Court.

Purpose:  The Board has the authority to operate, manage, maintain equipment and control the Washington County Library System all subject to County purchasing laws of Arkansas.  The Board has authority to enter into contracts with persons, firms, corporations or organizations including all levels of government and municipal corporations for any legitimate purpose in furtherance of the operation of the Washington County Library System.

Planning Board

Term: 4 Years

Membership: The County Planning Board consists of seven (7) members, all of whom shall be residents of Washington County. 

Purpose: The primary responsibility of the Planning Board is to prepare plans, ordinances, and recommendations regarding land planning matters for the consideration of the Quorum Court.  If the recommended  ordinances are adopted by the Quorum Court, the Planning Board is responsible for administering them.  The Planning Board, therefore, reviews land development proposals in the county to ensure they comply with the requirements specified in the adopted ordinances.

Rural Development Authority (RDA)

Term Length: 5 years

Membership:  The Rural Development Authority shall be composed of five (5) members, each a qualified elector of Washington County.

Purpose:  The duties of the Rural Development Authority are prescribed by the State of Arkansas (A.C.A. §14-188-101 et. seq) to assist in obtaining grants for economic development in the rural areas.  In Washington County, the RDA has focused on rural residents obtaining potable water.

Washington Water Authorities (WWA)

Term Length: 5 Years

Membership:  The Washington Water Authority consists of seven (7) commissioners who must reside and be users of Washington Water.

Purpose:  The Washington Water Authority is a division of the Rural Development Authority of Washington County Arkansas.  Its purpose is to maintain and operate the Washington Water Authority in such a way as to provide a safe and adequate water supply to its clients as well as adhering to all state and federal rules and regulations.  The Washington Water Authority shall work in conjunction with the Rural Development Authority of Washington County on projects to expand water service to the areas not currently with a public water supply.  The WWA shall be responsible for projects to service existing and potentially new customers.

Animal Concerns Advisory Board

Term Length: 3 Years

Membership: The Animal Advisory Board consists of nine (9) electors of Washington County to be appointed by the County Judge.

Purpose: To furnish advise and make recommendations to the County Judge and Quorum Court in regards to all aspects of animal concerns.

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