Washington County Archives

Land Records include Original Entry Records, Deed and Mortgage Records, and Surveys. They begin with the formation of Washington County. We have original and microfilm copies of Land Records through 1998. Since 1999, Land Records have been maintained on the Circuit Clerk & Recorder's Imaging System.

As of 2008 images of all Deed and Mortgage Records between 1834-1991 have been available online. An online index for the years
1834-1953 is also available. To view the online index and images, click here. (Please note, for best search results, highlight "ALL" for document type, sort by name, and check the "full search" box..) If you do not see an image you are searching for, please let us know.

INACTIVE Land Records are listed in these records inventories:


  Collector (including Real Estate Tax Records)


  Circuit Clerk & Recorder (including Deeds & Mortgages, Plats & Surveys)


  County & Probate Clerk (including Original Entry Records & Field Notes)

CURRENT PROPERTY OWNERS &  TAX INFORMATION, please call the Assessor's and Collector's Offices. Return to the Washington County homepage for a complete list of county offices & mailboxes. 


Other Helpful Sources

For U.S. Land Patents issued out of the Fayetteville or Harrison General Land Office:

U. S. Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States
7450 Boston Boulevard
Springfield, Virginia 22153